How does it work

Who is who in the Senate

  • The SPEAKER is the main authority of the Chamber and is elected for their members in the first plenary sitting, which is held after the ELECTIONS (CONSTITUTIVE SITTING).

  • Other SENATORS aid the Speaker of the Senate in organizing the work.

    The BUREAU OF THE SENATE is the governing body of the Chamber. It is formed by the Speaker, two Deputy Speakers and four Secretaries.

    The BOARD OF SPOKESMEN consists of the Speaker of the Senate and the Spokespersons of the PARLIAMENTARY GROUPS in existence at each time. It is heard over any aspect related to the operation of the Chamber.

  • Senators meet in small groups to talk and decide on a specific matter. These groups are called COMMITTEES.

    What is the meeting of all Senators called?


    The meeting of all Senators in the PLENARY SITTING HALL is called PLENARY SITTING. The more important subjects are decided here.

    And what happens during the periods of the year when Plenary Sittings are not held or when the Senate is dissolved?

  • When the GOVERNMENT has decreed the DISSOLUTION of the Senate, the PERMANENT DEPUTATION enters into operation.

    The Permanent Deputation also acts between PERIODS OF SESSIONS, and may request an extraordinary Plenary sitting be held.

    It is presided over by the Speaker of the Senate and involves a minimum of 21 members designated by Parliamentary Groups. It is responsible for protecting the power of the Chamber when not in session.