Find out how a Senator is elected

  • At present, there are 266 SENATORS.

    Do you want to know how we are appointed?

  • Of the 266 Senators, 208 are ELECTED directly by the citizens.

    • 4 Senators are selected in each province by universal suffrage, free, equal, direct and secret.
    • In insular provinces, 3 Senators are elected for each one of the larger islands (Gran Canaria, Mallorca and Tenerife) and 1 for Ibiza-Formentera, Menorca, Fuerteventura, Gomera, Hierro, Lanzarote and La Palma.
    • The cities of Ceuta and Melilla elect 2 Senators each.

    But, in addition...

  • Of the 266 Senators, 58 are appointed by the Parliaments of the Self-governing Communities.

    Each autonomous Parliament APPOINTS 1 Senator and another for every one million inhabitants in their respective territory.

  • What is the minimum age to be Senator? And to VOTE?

    You have to be at least 18 years old to vote and be a Senator.

    Do you know how often are the elections held?

    Senators are chosen for 4-year term. Normally this is the duration of the MANDATE, which can be shortened if the GOVERNMENT dissolves the Chambers early and calls for ELECTIONS.